Team Meeting

GDN Founding Members

The Gender and Disaster Network is an educational and advocacy project initiated by women and men interested in gender relations in disaster contexts. It emerged from an early morning meeting during the July 1997 Natural Hazards Research and Applications Center workshop in Boulder, Colorado. GDN became the major outcome of the ‘Women’s Disaster Research Caucus’ meeting convened by Barbara Vogt, between 7 and 8.30 am on 17 July 1997. The Agenda items included: 1) How to network more effectively; 2) How to promote young women professionals; 3) How to promote women and gender issues as legitimate research topics; and 4) Using web-based resources for communication. We have come a long way since then!

Elaine Enarson.jpeg

Dr. Elaine Enarson

Disaster Sociologist

Anngie johnson.jpeg

Dr. Anggienetta Johnson

Consummate Lifelong Learner


Dr. Betty Hearn Morrow

Professor Emeritus

Richard Krajeski.jpeg

Rev. Richard Krajeski

Ordained Pastor


Dr. Maureen Fordham

Disaster Management


Avagene Moore 

President of  Emergency Information

Kristina Peterson.jpeg

Rev. Kristina J. Peterson

Mother Jones of Disaster

Burt Wallrich.jpeg

Burt Wallrich

Contributed Extensively


Suzanne Frew

Independent Consultant 


Suzanne Frew

Independent Consultant 

Brenda Phillips.jpeg

Brenda D. Phillips

Ph.D. is a Senior Researcher


Ben Wisner Omnivorous

Disaster Risk Reduction