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Find us here: http://www.redlacgeneroydesastres.org/

“Feminist emergency plan in the face of the Coronavirus crisis”

Feminist emergency plan in the face of the Coronavirus crisis” was released yesterday by the Coordinadora Feminista 8M in Chile. The Coordinadora has been a central force over the last five months of popular uprisings in Chile and convened millions of women to mobilize around the country on March 8 (8M).

Follow this link to see a translation by Toward Freedom of their plan. See the original here.



GDN at the Global Platform 2017

GDN had a busy week in Cancun, Mexico at the 2017 UNISDR Global Platform on DRR. The GDN booth was a hive of activity.

The GP2017 was a great chance to meet more LAC members!


Welcome to the GDN LAC Regional Hub

Welcome to the GDN LAC Regional Hub page which is your starting point for information on the Latin American and Caribbean region.

This Regional Hub has only just come into existence but development work is underway. Our regional contacts are:

Lourdes Meyreles: email: lourdesmeyreles@yahoo.com
Rosa Sanchez Valle. Email: rosa.sanchez.valle@gmail.com
Diana L. Aristizabal:. Email: dianalaristizabal@gmail.com

The GDN-LAC Group now has its own web page at: http://redgeneroydesastres.org

You can email the group at http://www.redlacgeneroydesastres.org/

The GDN-LAC group have also created a google group redgeneroydesastres@googlegroups.com to which you are invited to join as a temporary and easy way to communicate in Spanish. Of course messages in Portuguese are also welcome.

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Evaluación Rápida sobre salud sexual y reproductiva violencia
y la situación de las personas vulner ables afectadas por la
tormenta Noel en la República Dominicana aquí


Mujeres y niñas en contexto de desastres. Tres Estudios de Caso sobre Vulnerabilidades y Capacidades en la República Dominicana aquí


GDN no inglesa recursos here


EQUIDAD DE GENERO EN LOS DESASTRES: Seis Principios para Transversalizar el Género en la Respuesta y en la Reconstrucción. Y en Francés e Inglés, descargar

(GENDER EQUALITY IN DISASTERS: Six Principles for Engendered Relief and Reconstruction)