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GDN Volunteers and Interns

GDN has always depended on people giving their time freely. Many people work away in the background and members may never get to know them. This page presents a few of the people around the world who do voluntary work, sometimes as interns, for GDN.

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Guia Faglia is an architect from Italy. She has been working on youth, education and adventure in Italy, on children rights with Roma refugees from Kosovo in Montenegro and, for six years, on gender-based violence in Northern Uganda. She completed her Master of Laws in Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights at Keele University, UK in 2010, focusing on violence against women and hetero-patriarchy. She now lives in Jerusalem with her family, witnessing how this ongoing conflict affects the population but also asserting that women are a strategic resource working for peace. She has collaborated with GDN since 2010 and she is now coordinating GDN volunteers worldwide. EUROPE.


Rachel Gordon is pursuing dual Master’s degrees in international affairs and urban & environmental planning at the Fletcher School/Tufts University in Boston, MA, USA. Her studies focus on the gender(ed) aspects of disaster risk reduction and human and environmental security, as well sustainable community-building after disasters. Previously, Rachel worked in risk and crisis management and oversaw undergraduate international education programs at World Learning and American Jewish World Service, both U.S.-based NGOs. She holds a B.A. in History and International Studies from Macalester College. In her non-academic time, Rachel can be found singing, playing the upright bass, dancing and hiking. NORTH AMERICA.


Kevin Kevin McBriarty - as a student at Northumbria University I have been studying on the MSc in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University, UK. My focus has mainly been centred around Ethiopia and I have been lucky enough to get an internship with CARE where I will research gender aspects of food insecurity. For my MSc work placement, GDN was a natural choice, in which I searched for UNDP African Region materials. In Ethiopia it is difficult to know where to start, but with 50% of the population discriminated against then gender must be top priority. EUROPE.



Ros Houghton gained her doctorate from Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. She has been organizing regular Gender and Disaster Workshops at the Australasian Hazard conferences which run alternately between New Zealand and Australia. Ros is on the GDN Steering Group, helps moderate the GDN listserv and has been active in setting up the GDN Pacific-Oceania Regional Hub.



Margarete Hofbauer

Margarete Hofbauer completed herMSc Disaster Management and Sustainable Development at Northumbria University, UK in 2010. EUROPE.



Jose Chacon

Jose Chaconis an expert on international development and works in Central America with local organizations focusing on public policy on risk manegement. He also gives support to national NGOs and local organizations capacity building on risk management. He helps GDN translate its documents from English to Spanish and vice versa. Jose provides professional translation services for businesses and NGOs, please visit Global Links for more information. LAC.


Packia Yesudian

Princy Yesudian is a demographer from India, currently working at the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India. Currently she is also pursuing a doctoral research (PhD) in labour studies at Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics (GIPE), Pune, India. Her areas of interest are gender, reproductive health, and labour economics. She has volunteered to translate GDN resources in Tamil. SOUTH ASIA.


Yvette Ramos was part of the GDN delegation in the Global Platform in 2009 and has been active with GDN ever since. She has an MBA and and Msc in Engineering and consults for the UN, NGOs and the private sector. Yvette has both Portuguese and French nationalities. She works in Geneva and lives in France with her husband and three kids. EUROPE.



Alice Ncube is a human resources management practitioner from Zimbabwestrong> who strives for fairness in the work environment. AFRICA.



Anita Mathew has been a Women and Child Rights Consultant in Goa,India since 1998, and has been actively involved in promoting the recognition and inclusion of Child Rights in child development schemes. For example, her work has included programmes such as: an attempt to introduce reproductive rights education in schools in Goa for a government adolescent programme connected to HIV/AIDS learning; and a second entailed a rights-based situational analysis for children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Anita's work encountered resistance on inclusion of children in child development schemes and processes, from policy-makers and implementers. They failed to recognize or accept that it is the system that needs fixing, and not the children. But she believes work must go on despite non acceptance. She has worked as the coordinator for a UNIFEM project in 2006 on 'mental health interventions for survivors of human trafficking. Recently she did a Training for Transformation from the Grail Centre-south Africa on applying the Frierian methods of facilitation to bring about 'conscientization' through participation for meaningful community development. She believes in what Mahatma Gandhi said:"Be the change you want to see in the world." SOUTH ASIA.


Anya Brickman Raredon NORTH AMERICA





Christopher Lyon NORTH AMERICA






Dilruba Haider SOUTH ASIA.






Emma Zevallos LAC





Erum Wali Khan is a development practitioner from Pakistan with more than 12 years of experience in work related to women's issues, gender and development, primary education and training design and conduction. Her experience also includes project design, planning, monitoring, evaluation, management and policy research with National and International Development. In 2006 she was selected by Government of Pakistan as a member of National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) from the Gilgit-Baltistan region for three years in recognition of her gender and development related work. She was focal person for gender in NRSP-Institute of Rural Management and member of Gender Resource Group for Rural Support Programmes. As gender person she provided technical support for formulation of gender policies. She was team leader for Women's Leadership Programme, which was specifically designed training programme for young women professionals of one year's duration. In four years 137 professional women, she was one of the lead trainer for the training programme. Erum has been McGill fellow at Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2002-03 for Social Enterprise Development Programme (2002-03) and she is also an alumni of International Visitors Leadership Programme of U.S State Department (2010) which focused on empowering women. SOUTH ASIA

Francesca Chen of The Foundation of Womens Rights Promotion and Development in Taiwan, is also board director of National YWCA. Executive Yuans Commission on Womens Rights Promotion (CWRP) established the Foundation of Womens Rights Promotion and Development (FWRPD) in 1998. The Foundation has served as a bridge for constructive dialogues between the government and the private sectors; also to build a platform of resource and information exchange for all women in Taiwan. My work is to provide assistance to the related items, collect important international gender news, and empower young women to learn gender issues.At leisure time,I translate articles in "Common Concern"(World YWCA publications)from English into Chinese. ASIA.


Heru Kasidi works for the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of Indonesia. ASIA


Irmia Fitriyah Indonesia. ASIA







Jacqueline McBride USA. NORTH AMERICA.





Kalindi Sharma is a research scholar from university of Delhi, India in the Department of Anthropology. My research interests are in the areas of disaster (natural), gender, psychological Anthropology. SOUTH ASIA.



Karol Hernández Mexico. LAC.





Kevin Blanchard UK. EUROPE.




Linda McCurley-Stafford USA. NORTH AMERICA.





Marcilyn Cianfarani works as a Paramedic in Toronto, Canada and is a volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross disaster services team and for ERT-SAR Canada (Emergency Response Team - Search and Rescue). She is a current MA candidate in the Disaster and Emergency Management program at Royal Roads University. Her present research focuses on integrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans (LGBT) diversity into disaster management. She enjoys gardening and badminton and lives with too many cats. NORTH AMERICA.




Mohsin Ali Pakistan. SOUTH ASIA.





Pankaj Kumar is from India but currently works in Ethiopia. SOUTH ASIA.




Pratima Singh India. SOUTH ASIA.












Naresh C. Madhu Bangladesh. SOUTH ASIA.






Subhrakali Mandal India. SOUTH ASIA.





Jennifer Trivedi is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Iowa, USA. She looks at preparedness and recovery efforts for disasters, governmental emergency management organizations and efforts, media coverage of disasters, and vulnerable populations. Her current research project is focused Hurricane Katrina's effects and recovery efforts in Biloxi, Mississippi. Previously she has worked on issues of short-term recovery from Katrina in Mississippi, media coverage of Katrina's effects on Mississippi and Louisiana, and the experience and immediate aftermath of the 2008 floods in Iowa. NORTH AMERICA.


Ngoc Nguyen, Vietnam. ASIA.(More to follow




Tim Wheelwright UK. EUROPE. Tim is studying at Northumbria University on the MSc Disaster Management and Sustainable Development.(More to follow)



Adam Simms Adam Simms UK. EUROPE. Adam is currently undertaking a Bsc Geography degree at Northumbria University and is in his 3rd year. His studies are more focused on risk and disaster management due to work being carried out on his dissertation on the risk of mineslope failure to the Portuguese communities. In non-academic time, Adam enjoys running and has competed at a regional level placing well and even medalling in finals in his main event, the 800m.



Jonathan Russell

Jonathan J. Russell UK. EUROPE. Jonathan is a third year undergraduate BSc Geography student at Northumbria University. He has an interest specifically in disaster management, shown by his dissertation which he is currently working on, focused on examining the differing economic vulnerability of areas in the Gulf of Mexico to climate hazards at different levels of development. Outside of his studies Jonathan is a keen skier, enjoys photography and is a long suffering Sunderland AFC fan masquerading in the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Joan Audierne Joan Audierne France. EUROPE. Joan Audierne has been working in the humanitarian field since 2006, mostly in conflict-affected areas in Eastern Europe and Africa. She holds a Master's Degree in International Relations and started in 2013 an online Certificate in Disaster Management with the IFRC and Tata Institute for Social Sciences. She is particularly interested in Gender issues in emergency situations and volunteered to conduct a literature review on Gender and Health in Disaster for GDN.


Honor Whitfield UK. EUROPE. Honor is a third year Geography student at Northumbria University, interested in the gender and disaster relationship and exploring current advances in the topic. The focus of my degree is physical geography, but I enjoy looking at the intrinsic links between the occurrence of natural disasters and what impact this can have on the population, especially when such issues such as gender relations are introduced.


Cheney Shreve Cheney Shreve Liu USA. North America. Cheney Shreve is currently a Senior Researcher with Northumbria University. After receiving her doctorate in Environmental Sciences, Dr Shreve worked in government, international development, academia and private consulting on environmental themes before continuing to pursue her academic curiosities from a more holistic and critical stance, which led her to gender and disaster studies. She loves animals (dogs especially), her family, vegetarianism, and being outside (especially hiking in the mountains).



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