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This page contains issues of GDN eResources, mostly in English at the moment, but with the help of GDN members we are working on translating them into different international and regional languages.


eResources No. 14      PDF  Word    español PDF    
eResources No. 13      PDF  Word    español PDF    Tamil PDF
eResources No. 12      PDF  Word    español PDF    Tamil PDF
eResources No. 11      PDF  Word    español PDF    Tamil PDF
eResources No. 10      PDF  Word    español PDF
eResources No. 09      PDF  Word
eResources No. 08      PDF  Word
eResources No. 06-07 PDF  Word
eResources No. 04-05 PDF  Word
eResources No. 03      PDF  Word
eResources No. 02      PDF  Word
eResources No. 01      PDF  Word

Information on GDN members who have volunteered their time and skills can be found in the GDNroster page.

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G&D Sourcebook Annotated bibliography of gender and disaster resources until 2005.

Recently added materials

from 2006 to date.

Why women? Why gender? Key resources on gender equality in disaster risk reduction

Archive of GDN newsletters

Includes published and unpublished reports, papers, conference proceedings

Guidelines, manuals and checklists

Regional or country-specific case studies/research on gender and disaster

Contains materials on gender and DRR in other languages (Spanish, Tamil, Japanese, Swahili, etc)

Useful external sites, posters, statements, powerpoint presentations on gender and disaster.