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Gender and Development

As noted in the Case Studies section of the Sourcebook, this Oxfam journal has published several special issues relevant to women,gender and disaster. The entire issue could be used as a reading for trainings or college courses as each offers an analytic introduction, short case studies (or excerpts) from around the world based on accounts from field workers or researchers with a gender focus, and an excellent resource section:

Women and the Environment, G. Reardon, ed. Oxfam Focus on Gender 1 (1), 1993.
Women and Emergencies, B. Walker, ed. Oxfam Focus on Gender 2 (1), 1994.
Humanitarian Work. Gender and Development 9 (3), 2001.
Climate Change. Gender and Development 10 (2), 2002.

Key words: Research, NGOs, cross hazard, research, practice, policy, livelihood, community, emergency management