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Gender and Disaster Network

An educational project initiated by women and men interested in gender relations in disaster contexts. Since its origins in the 1997 Natural Hazards Center workshop at the University of Colorado, the GDN has expanded to include over 300 international members, including institutions, NGOs and individuals from around the world. The GDN
  • maintains a website with information and resource links, currently maintained by GDN member Maureen Fordham through Northumbria University, UK
  • manages a listserv to promote information exchange, currerently maintained by GDM member Sudha Arlikatti through Texas A & M University.
  • maintains and updates a bibliography on the topic, currently maintained by GDN member Elaine Enarson
  • coordinates the expertise of experts for projects such as the Sourcebook
  • coordinates the international Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster award recognizing individuals or organizations promoting gender equality in disaster risk reduction
  • organizes an annual gender caucus at the Natural Hazards Workshop, University of Colorado
  • produces an annual poster of recent GDN member activities, currently developed by GDN members Kathy Lynn with John Sorenson and Barbara Vogt

To join or learn more, visit the new GDN website:

Key words: All hazards, education, advocacy, empowerment, policy, practice