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Women's Edge Coalition

Following the 2005 tsunami, this coalition of US women’s groups united for fair trade and development policies, Women’s Edge reported on their website that the coalition "was impelled to act. As we asked ourselves ‘What can we do?’ we turned first to the people who knew best: the women themselves.”

The US-based coalition took a number of steps including:

  • Successful legislative lobbying in the US House of Representatives for grants to promote women’s self sufficiency in tsunami-affected countries
  • Short briefing paper on women and natural disasters
    Women’s safety and well being at risk during natural disasters
  • Video conferences on rebuilding after disasters in the US and South Asia
  • Field visit
    Women’s Edge representatives made a 2-week trip to Thailand and Sri Lanka in late 2005 to track progress toward recovery and the use of US Congressional grant monies to local women’s organization such as the Women's Development Federation (WDF) . For a description of this project with original photographs, see Life after the tsunami: women and reconstruction

  • Reports from women’s organizations in tsunami-affected countries

    2 pp. February 8, 2005. Summary of post-tsunami reports from women’s organizations contacted by the US based gender and trade advocacy groups Women’s Edge Coalition. Geared to potential donors to answer the question “What is the situation of women and what will they need to reestablish their livelihoods?” Includes quotations from women about work and training needs in the reconstruction period.

For more information, email Women’s Edge (

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