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the gender and disaster sourcebook

a resource of GDN

Sourcebook Home

     to the Gender and Disaster Sourcebook

What is the link between gender equality and disaster risk?

What lessons have been learned in the field and through scientific study?

How can this knowledge be applied in practice to reduce risk and respond equitably to disaster events?

The Gender and Disaster Sourcebook is a one-stop, user-friendly electronic guide to help answer these questions.

What kinds of materials are included?

  • Academic publications
  • In-house reports or documents
  • First-person accounts
  • Research protocols
  • Good practices
  • Checklists and field guides
  • Gender mainstreaming guidelines
  • Case Studies
  • Women’s initiatives
  • Relevant websites
  • Training materials
  • University syllabi
  • Policy guides
  • Bibliographies
  • Photos
  • Resources for trainers


Who is it for?

We hope the compilation will be helpful for those who are interested in and working towards a gendered approach in disaster risk reduction. The Sourcebook is accessible to everyone, including, but not limited to:

  • Practitioners
  • Researchers
  • Students
  • Policy makers
  • Research centres and institutes
  • Government institutions
  • Media
  • Aid and humanitarian agencies
  • Activists
  • Survivors
  • Community organisers
  • Women’s organisations